Best Dog Kennel in Ambala

Best Dog Kennel in Ambala- Black Star Kennels!!


In the vibrant states of Punjab & Haryana, where culture and traditions flourish, pet lovers seek the best for their four-legged companions. The demand for top-notch dog kennels has surged, reflecting a growing awareness of pet well-being & quality Breeds.

This article explores the options available in Punjab, highlighting the Best Dog kennel in Ambala that combines comfort, safety, and a homely environment.

Black Star Kennels is the best option for quality breeds and services!!

So Let’s Start & explore with Us!!

Best Dog Kennel in Ambala

Black Star Kennel Services

We’re the top dog kennel in Ambala and Chandigarh, with over ten years of experience in breeding the best dog breeds in India. 

Our pet services are budget-friendly and available all across India. From Punjab to Gujarat and from Jammu to South India, we’ve garnered thousands of happy customers. 

We take pride in being the best dog kennel in Punjab and Ambala, and we’re grateful to our customers and staff for their support. 

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All Types of Quality Breeds

Black Star Kennels stands out for its wide range of pets, covering everything from lively puppies to rare breeds. They accommodate the preferences of every pet enthusiast with their diverse selection. 

This variety ensures that anyone seeking a pet can discover their ideal match, establishing it as the ultimate destination for those in search of a furry companion.

Affordable Rates

Providing top-notch pet care shouldn’t strain your budget. Black Star Kennels is dedicated to delivering excellence at affordable prices. Discover the budget-friendly choices for pet enthusiasts.

At Black Star Kennels, we consistently provide high-quality breeds at rates that won’t break the bank, all while prioritizing complete customer satisfaction.

Free Shipping

We are proud to provide an extensive Pet Transportation and Shipping Service, reaching every corner of India.

Our specialized service guarantees the secure and comfortable transportation of your cherished pets directly to your doorstep, offering both train and flight options for your convenience.

Committed to the welfare of your furry friends, Black Star Kennels offers a dependable and effective pet shipping solution, ensuring that the journey is as stress-free for your pets as it is for you.

Offline & Seasonal Services

We offer a range of essential services related to pets, including the buying and selling of pets, pet grooming and care, dog mating, and stud services, as well as pet transportation services across India.

In addition, we provide seasonal pet hostel services and offline pet store services, encompassing pet grooming, pet sitting, and the availability of pet food and accessories.

24x7 Customer Services

We also offer round-the-clock customer care services and a range of pet-related services. 

Our commitment extends to comprehensive after-sale support, including guidance on the diet specific to particular dog breeds and valuable care tips for different breeds.

Best Dog Kennel in Ambala- Categories

We offer a diverse range of dog breeds for you to explore. This article provides insights into various categories of dog breeds, ranging from small to large, as well as high and low-priced breeds in India.

We cover all the essential topics and price details related to dog breeds, providing potential customers with comprehensive information to make informed decisions when choosing a particular breed.

For dog lovers or those curious about specific dog breeds, our articles offer a wealth of information. This complete list of dog breeds makes us the Best Dog Kennel in Ambala, Chandigarh (Punjab-Haryana), ensuring that we provide everything you need to know about each breed.

Shop By Category

How to Buy Pets

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Best Dog Kennel in Ambala- Black Star Kennels

Discover the excellence of Black Star Kennel, your premier destination for top-notch canine care in Ambala, Chandigarh (Punjab-Haryana). 

Our array of services includes access to high-quality exotic breeds at budget-friendly rates, professional grooming, cozy dog hostels, and seasonal pet sitting. 

We also specialize in dog matting and stud services, pet shipping, buy/sell transactions, expert pet consultation, and a variety of pet food and accessories available at our offline stores. 

In this region celebrated for producing India’s finest dog breeds, we stand out as a reputable dog kennel. 

Trust us—Black Star Kennel is your ultimate destination for unparalleled pet services in Ambala and Chandigarh!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black Star Kennels Open on Weekends?

Yes, Black Star Kennels is open seven days a week, ensuring that pet enthusiasts can call at their convenience. Whether you’re looking to shop for supplies.

How Can I Buy a Pet from Black Star Kennels?

Buying a pet from Black Star Kennels is a straightforward and heartwarming process. Call or Whatsapp and check the availability of a perticular pet or breed.

What type of dog breeds available here?

All Types of dog breed available here, but to confirm the exact availability of a particular pet or breed

Are Cash on Delivery available here?

No, as such there is no cash on delivery available here, we process 50% advance & rest on delivery on all orders.

Are home delivery available here?

Yes, there is free home delivery available here on every order, By train or By Flights.

What are the payment options available here?

All types of payment options are available here, For more options check the payment section. For More info Click Here!!

Which is the Best Dog Kennel in Ambala?

Black Star Kennels, is the best dog Kennel in Ambala, Chandigarh, & offers a wide range of pet-related Services.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, this article has unveiled the vibrant world of Black Star Kennels, establishing it as the unparalleled destination for pet enthusiasts seeking the Best Dog Kennel in Ambala, Chandigarh.


From a diverse range of pets to exemplary pet care services, the kennel stands out for its commitment to excellence. The engaging customer testimonials underscore the positive impact Black Star Kennels has on the lives of both pets and their owners.


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Black Star Kennels

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